Every student at the University Clermont Auvergne has a student card giving access to several services. The student card is issued directly when the student registers.

Which services ?

This card allows you to access at various services depending on your accreditation :

Restaurants CROUS (IZLY)

Izly is your new campus payment solution. With Izly, you can :

Pay with your multiservice card or smatphone

  • in your university restaurants and cafeterias,

Reload your account from your smartphone or computer

  • minimum 5€ from your bank account,
  • minimum payment of 30€ by credit card,

Access special offers and benefits selected for you throughout the year.

Multifunction copiers

You can print, photocopy and scan your documents by linking your Izly wallet to the multi-function copiers using your student card.

You can use the copiers from :
  • your UCA workstation;
  • your computer;
  • your smartphone or iPhone.

If this is your first use, you will be asked to link your student card to your UCA account. Just follow the instructions on the copier. You will find your prints ready to release.


More information about Izly print

(New) Book lending in University Libraries

  • Im automatically registered at the University Libraries (Bibliothèques Universitaires), no later than 48 hours after my administrative registration at the university.
  • I show my student card to borrow books
  • I use my ENT login to access at online services (outside University Libraries or university campus)